Home Mortgage Alternatives. Finance our help to your home

Noviembre 30, 2020

Home Mortgage Alternatives. Finance our help to your home

Advance Payment Assistance & Homebuyer Education

The Equitable Bank participates in many advance payment help programs that assist income-eligible purchasers receive funds that assist with down payment and closing expenses.

  • FHLBC DPP Grant up to $6000
  • Residence Consortium DPA up to $5000

We utilize numerous area community teams to deliver homebuyer training, which can be needed for many deposit support programs.

Credit Builder Loan System

The Credit Builder Loan through the Equitable Bank is made to assist you aren’t no credit or with credit dilemmas to re-establish good credit score. Additionally it is a fantastic choice for those seeking to preserving for a sizable purchase or an advance payment on a home that is new.

So how exactly does it work?

We are going to lend you a group amount of cash ($500 or higher, centered on your finances) to put in an interest-earning certificate of deposit (CD) in your title.

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